Ebba Tate Private Tour Guide in Israel
Ebba Tate Private Tour Guide in Israel

Welcome to Israel

Israel has many faces and has something to offer everyone. It fascinates with beautiful landscapes, imposing natural backdrops, religious sites and historical sites from the Stone Age, through early and late antiquity to modern times.


My name is Ebba Tate, I am a state-recognized tour guide and it would be a special pleasure for me to explore this captivating country with you on a very personally designed tour.


Private Tours in English or German

Would you like to get to know the old town of Jaffa or Jerusalem on a relaxed walk, or would you like to explore the sacred sites on the Sea of ​​Galilee or the charms of the Dead Sea on a day tour? I would be happy to put together your own personal program.

Suggestions for Private Tours

St. Peter church in Jaffa

Walking Tour in Jaffa

On a 3-4 hour tour through the historic port city of Jaffa we get to know its history, religious sites, its markets and its culinary specialties.



View of the Dome of the Rock

Tours in Jerusalem

- In the footsteps of Jesus: from the Mount

  of Olives to the Holy Sepulcher.

- The holy places of the three

  monotheistic religions.

- From the city of David to Mea

  Shaarim - the story of Jerusalem.

The Advantages of a Private Tour

- You determine the pick-up time and the travel plan.

- No waiting times, as they occur with group trips,

   more places can be visited.

- No shopping!

- For up to 3 persons I can offer transport in my own licensed Subaro XV SUV.

- With more than 3 participants the transport is with a driver, so I can fully focus myself on you.

Ebba Tate            

Private Tour Guide  in Israel

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